For the hostess with the mostess … or the barkeep (it’s gender neutral) Pür Likör’s Artisanal Liqueur Minis, Wine Geeks Armonk: The perfect host gift for that holiday party! Wine Geeks Armonk presents Pür Likör’s lovely gift set of three artisanal liqueur ‘minis’ from Germany – 100 ml each of elderflower liqueur, spiced blood orange liqueur and williams pear liqueur. Pür Likör can be enjoyed with any base spirit, served neat or added to sparkling wine. Essential to complement any home bar, this gift set includes cocktail recipes for each liqueur. Wine Geeks suggests adding the williams pear to a few ounces of bourbon and adding a healthy splash of ginger beer over ice! Pür Likör Mini Gift Set only $25.99 at Wine Geeks now through the holiday season. (914.273.WINE, 559 Main St., Armonk;

What To Do’s “Santa Baby” Winner 2016: 14 Karat Rose Gold Diamond Choker, LaGravinese Jewelers, Armonk: For those of you who long ago got over that whole “it’s the thought that counts thing” this 14 karat rose gold diamond choker at LaGravinese Jewelers is our 2016 “Santa Baby” winner for 2016. You know, as in “Think of all the fellas that I haven’t kissed, Next year I could be just as good, If you’d check off my Christmas list”. Maybe it’s the rose gold. Or maybe it’s the diamond. Maybe both. But, maybe the diamonds! And at just $2,200 who could blame you if you “forgot to mention one little thing. A ring.” And we don’t mean on the phone. (914.273.5432, 430 Main St., Armonk;

Holiday Gift Guide 2016For Uncle Craft Beer: Chimay Grande Reserve Wooden Cases, DeCicco’s Armonk: One of the classic Trappist beers of the world!!! Still made by monks in a monastery! A Decicco’s exclusive- 12 packs of Chimay Grand Reserve in wooden crates, as the beer was originally packaged at its inception in 1956. Deep amber and brimming with flavor. The Grand Reserve displays aromas and flavors of figs, plums and golden raisins. The wooden crates are timeless and a beer collectors dream. Just $90 at DeCicco’s Armonk. (914.499.1100, 17 Maple Ave., Armonk)

Holiday Gift Guide 2016For Mr. Pop Top Craft Beer Aficionado on the go!Crowlers, DeCicco’s Armonk: Take your pick of any one (or two or three) of DeCicco’s 28 draft beers and fill it up in these 32 ounce crowlers for Mr. Pop Top craft beer aficionado on the go! Pilsners, Pales, IPAs, Stouts and Sours. If you are looking for a style, they’ve got a great example of one on tap. These 32 oz cans are filled to order after the air is purged from each canister. A pop top lid makes these an ideal candidate for hiking, boating or sleigh riding. The cans are single use and recyclable. From $9.999 to $24.99 depending on the brew. (914.499.1100, 17 Maple Ave., Armonk)